Met Tech Office Supervisor 1801, 27 April 2018

scroll down for photos following the course, of certificate presentation, visit and graduation ceremony

Back row (l to r):   Gilles EW Szikora, Darcy W French, Alan Bezanson (I).
Third row:  Mitch A Pelletier (I), Michael E Foulkes, Christian Couture, Jocelyn RJ Kurz, David R Burns, Evan J Hurak, Kristian A Gosbee, Gordon C Lee.
Second row: 
Paula J Shears-Lush.
Front row:  Kirsten L Jasper (I), Brent McDonald, LCol WAD Snyder (Cmdt RCAF W/C), Maj Stéphane JP Thivierge (Cmdt CFS Met),  Stephen D Manning (CI).
Missing:  Ian MS Campbell (I), Charles Brent Petrie.

Certificate of Academic Distinction

LCol W Snyder & Christian Couture
Visit by Senior Officer

LCol W Snyder

Graduation Ceremony

speaking:  Maj Stéphane JP Thivierge
behind speaker:  Mitch Pelletier
Front row (l to r, three visible): 
LCol W Snyder, David R Burns, Christian Couture.
Second row (three visible): 
Darcy W French, Kristian Gosbee (partly hidden), Evan J Hurak.
Back row (three visible): 
Jocelyn RJ Kurz, Gordon C Lee, Paula J Shears-Lush.

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