Met Tech Office Supervisor 1703, 4 October 2017

scroll down for photos following the course of presentation of certificate, visiting officers and graduation

Back row (l to r) - rangée arrière (g. à d.):  Ian Campbell, Elizabeth (Liz) LeBlanc, Richard Amey, Linda Legault, Amanda Pond, Jeanine Fraser, Catherine Downey, Chris Hobson, Cory Engerdahl.
Front Row - rangée avant:  Mitch A Pelletier (I), MWO Brent McDonald (A/Cmdt CFS Met), LCol TM Juby (CO/Cmdt OSS 17 Wg), CWO LE Darling (CWO/adjuc OSS 17 Wg), Stephen D Manning.

Certificate of Academic Distinction

l to r: 
LCol TM Juby, Linda Legault, Brent McDonald, CWO LE Darling.
Visit by Senior Officers

LCol TM Juby & CWO LE Darling

Graduation Ceremony

LCol TM Juby
Front row l to r):  Stephen Manning, Brent McDonald (partly hidden),
CWO LE Darling, Cory Engerdahl.
Second row: 
Ian Campbell, Richard Amey, ? (Chaplin).
Third row ?, ?.
Last row: ? (lady half hidden), ? (at right edge of photo)

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