Met Tech QL6B 9602 - 1996

scroll down for photo without staff & instructors, and for photo of presentation of certificate of achievement

Back row (l to r):  Cathy White, Rick Dwyer, J Marc Bolduc, Judd W Neville, Sylvain Pelletier, Sean Gould, Kelly Skulmoski, Barry J Konzelman.
Middle row (three starting under flag):  Terry Rideout, JCE Serge Thibeault, Rick J Cameron.
Front row (sitting):  Ronn Anderson, Louis Richard, Brian K Wong, LCol Haines, Wendy Benjamin, Brian Van Acker.

Met Tech QL6B 9602 - 1996 without staff & instructors

left to right:  Rick Dwyer,
Sean Gould, Judd W Neville, JCE Serge Thibeault, Rick J Cameron, J Marc Bolduc, Kelly Skulmoski.

Presentation of Certificate of Achievement

JCE Serge Thibeault and LCol Haines

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