Met Tech QL6B 0601 - 2006

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Back row (l to r):  Brent McDonald, Jim Morrison, Ray Banks, Jason L Stubbs, Patrice Tremblay, Romain Dubé, Joanna Lundrigan.
Middle row:  Cathy White (I), Jasmin (Kern) Paola, Louis Richard (I), Natalie Hasell (I).
Front row (sitting): 
Guy Rivet, Bernie Roy, Ken Stewart, Col KS O'Brien (17 Wing Commander), C Parent (17 Wing CWO), Rick Carleton.

Presentation of Certificate of Achievement

Col KS O'Brien and Joanna Lundrigan

Presentation of Gift from Students to School

Romain Dubé and Guy Rivet

Presentation of School - Student Challenge Volleyball Trophy - 24 February 2006

Ken Stewart and Romain Dubé

l to r:  Pat Tremblay, Ray Banks, Romain Dubé, Joanna Lundrigan, Jason Stubbs,
Jim Morrison, Brent McDonald.

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