Met Tech QL6B 0301 - 2003

scroll down for photo without staff & instructors, and for a presentation photo

Back row (l to r):  Louis Richard (I), Yves Wiseman, Gerry B Arsenault, Ron Cyr, Barry Allen, John Milley, Kasey Thomas (I).
Middle row:  Rick Carleton, Dan Baulne, Malcolm Taylor, Brian Giese, Joseph (Joe) Owen, Sandra Massey (I).
Front row (sitting): 
Cathy White, Kim Redekopp, Col James Cottingham (1CAD A3 CBT SP), Bernie Roy, Richard (Rick) Dompierre.

Met Tech QL6B 0301 - 2003 without staff & instructors

Back row:  Barry Allen, Brian Giese, Ron Cyr
Front row:  Malcom Taylor, Daniel Baulne, Greg Quinlan

Presentation of Certificate of Achievement

L-R: Colonel James Cottingham, Sgt Malcom Taylor

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