Met Tech QL6B 0101 - 2001

Scroll down for photo without staff & instructors, and for a presentation photo.

Back row (l to r):  Louis Richard (I), Dan Skinner, Grégoire Metivier, Jeff Dickson, Jerry Kenneth Meyers, Ed Curtis, Eric Brideau, JFE Claude Leduc, Robert P Fortier, Terrence Dawe, Barry J Konzelman (I).
Front row (sitting): 
Jasmin (Kern) Paola, Mike Boivin, LCol Whitherden (1CAD A1 AOT Training), Kim Redekopp, Denis Beaudoin, Jean Bélec.

Missing:  Dave MacPhail (I)

Met Tech QL6B 0101 - 2001 without staff & instructors

l to r:  Jerry Kenneth Meyers, Brian Eisner, Robert P Fortier, Terrence Dawe, Ed Curtis, JFE Claude Leduc.

Presentation of Certificate of Merit

LCol Whitherden and Ed Curtis

Note:  Ed Curtis was also presented with the Certificate of Achievement

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