Met Tech QL6A 0702 - 2007

scroll down for photo of presentation of Certificate of Achievement

Top row (l to r):  Joedy (Joe) Cleary (I), Kenneth Riles, David McGuinness, Jocelyn Bissonnette, Mary Raper, Susan Vivian (I), Ben Fournier (I), Andrew Williams, Shaun Pulleyn.
Middle row:  Derrick Kania (I), Chad Thompson (I), Cathy White (I), Natalie Hasell (I), Jasmin (Kern) Paola.
Front row (sitting):  Guy Rivet (CI), Charlie Kennedy (J2 DMETOC CWO), John Sauder (402 Sqn's Honorary Colonel), LCol Witherden (CO 402 "City of Winnipeg" Squadron), Maj Doug Lawrie (CMDT), Steve Hynes, Louis Richard.

Certificate of Achievement

LCol Witherden, Kenneth Riles, Louis Richard

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