Met Tech QL6A 0502 - 2005

scroll down for photos of certificate presentation and of class scenes

Top row (l to r):  Ron McLean, Brian E Hagen, K Bruce Bell, Brian A Fisher, Peter W Wilkinson, Mark A Mills, J Fernand Gaudet, Anthony (Tony) Hillaby.
Middle row:  Louis Richard, Cathy White (I), Sandra Massey (I), Claudette Siegnerschmidt (I), Ben Fournier (I), Joedy (Joe) Cleary (I), Dan Baulne (I), Susan Vivian (I), Natalie Hasell (I).
Front row (sitting):  Guy Rivet, Bernie Roy, LCol DG Grimshaw (A3 Marine Readiness Officer), Kim Redekopp, Rick Carleton.

Presentation of Certificate of Achievement

DG Grimshaw and Brian A Fisher

Met Tech QL6A 0502 - 2005 Class Scenes

Louis Richard and K Bruce Bell

Brian E Hagen

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