Met Tech QL6A 0101 - 2001

Scroll down for photo without staff & instructors, and for certificate presentations & in-class activities

Top row (l to r):  Marcel Lanoue (I), Glynn Harrison, Dave Snyder (I), Doug Schroter, Gerry B Arsenault (I), Gary Boutilier, Scott McLellan (I), Romain Dubé, Barry J Konzelman (I).
Middle row:  Louis Richard (I), Jeffrey B Symes, Brent McDonald, Gord McLean, Paul Smith, Jim Morrison, Susan (Fleming) Vivian (I) .
Front row (sitting):  Jasmin (Kern)
Paola, Mike Boivin, LCol Shyiak (1CAD A1 Ops Training), Kim Redekopp, Richard (Rick) Dompierre, Eric Brideau.

Met Tech QL6A 0101 - 2001 without staff & instructors

top row (l to r):  Paul Smith, Gord McLean, Doug Schroter, Jim Morrison, Romain Dubé.
front row:  Brent McDonald, Gary Boutilier, Glynn Harrison, Jeffrey B Symes.

Presentation of Certificates of Achievement

LCol Shyiak and Doug Schroter

LCol Shyiak & Gord McLean

In-class activities

l to r:  ?, Mike Turcotte, ?

foreground:  Doug Schroeter, Jeffrey B Symes, Jasmin Paola.

l to r: Susan (Fleming) Vivian, Richard Dompierre, Gary Boutilier.

Instructors: Barry J Konzelman & Louis Richard (foreground)

l to r:  Marcel Lanoue, Brent McDonald, Gerry B Arsenault.

l to r:  Jim Morrison, Louis Richard, Gerry B Arsenault (I), Paul Smith.

l to r:   Eric Brideau, Barry Konzelman & Glynn Harrison.

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