DND Met Tech QL5A Course 9701 - 1997

scroll down for photos of course without staff and instructors and of a presentation of certificate

  Top row (l to r):  Susan (Fleming) Vivian, Scott McLellan, Rick Dwyer, Stacy (Jones) Sigurdson.
Second row:  Jennifer Braman, Andrew Horner, Scott Mefford, Roger W Pothier, David D Graham, Derek or Terry Keeping, Mark A Mills, Wally A Chafe, JY Ben Fournier, Bruce N Glass.
Front row (seated):  Ronn Anderson, Brian Wong, LCol McCoubrey, (D/WComd), Gord Gelineau, Brian Van Acker.

DND Met Tech QL5A Course 9701 - 1997 without staff & instructors

l to r:  Derek Keeping, Dave Horner, Mark A Mills, Scott Mefford, David D Graham, Elizabeth Way, Jennifer Braman, JY Ben Fournier, Bruce N Glass, Wally A Chafe, Roger W Pothier, Pete Wilkinson.

Presentation of Certificate of Achievement

Roger W Pothier and LCol McCoubrey

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