DND Met Tech QL5A Course 9101 - 1991

scroll down for photo of course members without staff and instructors

  Top row (l to r):  Shawn Swanson (I), Chris Foerter, Glynn Harrison, Charlie Kennedy (I), Warren Noseworthy (I).
Third row: 
Hubert R Hurley (top - far left), Sylvain Pelletier, Dave McInnis.
Second row:  Jerry Kenneth Meyers (I),  _ Shaw,  Marvin Taylor, RL McKay,  _ Martin, Louis Richard (I), Réal Germain.
Front row (seated):  Doris Quinn (CI), Bill Hartman, LCol RW Patrick, Dennis Dupuis, Bernie Roy.

DND Met Tech QL5A Course 9101 - 1991 (without staff and instructors)

Back row (l to r):  Sylvain Pelletier, Chris Foerter, Hubert R Hurley, Marvin Taylor, CJ Cochrane, Glynn Harrison.
Front row:  _ Tracey, RL McKay, Dave McInnis, _ Shaw, _ Martin.

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