DND Met Tech QL5A Course 9001 - 1990

scroll down for photo without staff & instructors and one graduation photo

  Top row (l to r):  DR Blendeman, KA Merrill, Anthony (Tony) Hillaby, GN Munteanu, John Milley, JD Ryan, RO Woodhouse, Doug Kampen, Charlie Kennedy, Pete Davis.
Middle row:  Bryan Wesley Boughton, Colleen (Southwood) Totton, DK Porter, SM Bowering, Gary Vansacker, JC Blanchette, _ Rutherford, MFG Bernard, DD Dunn, Réal Germain.
Front row (seated)JC Smith, Dennis Dupuis, Col Armstrong (BComd), Bill Hartman, Doris Quinn.

DND Met Tech QL5A Course 9001 - 1990 (without staff & instructors)

Back row (l to r):  SM Bowering, DR Blendeman, DD Dunn, JD Ryan, DK Porter.
Middle row:  Doug Kampen, RO Woodhouse, _ Rutherford, KA Merrill, GN Munteanu.
Front row:   MFG Bernard, Gary Vansacker, Anthony (Tony) Hillaby, JC Blanchette, John Milley.

Certificate of Achievement

Col Reynolds presents Certificate of Achievemen to RO Woodhouse.

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