DND Met Tech QL5A Course 8701 - 1987

scroll down for photo without instructors & staff, and one achievement photo

  Top row (l to r):  Shawn Swanson, Robert D (Bob) Frosst, Bill Whalen, Jerry Kenneth Meyers, JP Raynald Poulin, JG Chartrand, Sylvain Pelletier, Jean-Yves Demarbre.
Middle row:  Gary J Gilmartin, Charles (Chuck) Loykowski, Barry Tulk, PT Degenova, _ Lewis, Jeff Dickson, Dave A Bishop.
Front row (seated)Doris Quinn, _ Smith, RO (Bob) Hawkins, Col Reynolds (BComd), Pat Dillistone, Robert A (Bob) Howell.

DND Met Tech QL5A Course 8701 - 1987 (without instructors& staff)

back row (l to r):  Jerry Kenneth Meyers, PT Degenova, Dennis Lewis, Barry Tulk, Charles (Chuck) Loykowsky.
front row:  JG Chartrand, JMC Pelletier,
JP Raynald Poulin, Jeff Dickson.

Graduation Photo

Col Reynolds and Dennis Lewis

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