DND Met Tech QL3 Course 9401 - 1994
scroll down for photos without staff & instructors, and of the Course "T-shirt"

Top row (l to r):  Kevin Landry (I), Jerry Kenneth Meyers (I), Sylvain Pelletier (I), Andreas P Patersdorfer, Ken Doraty, Rob White, DJ Douglas, Keith Bailey, Rick R Valois,
Dennis M Fenton, Ronald K Walsh, Michael W McKone, JY Benoit (Ben) Fournier (I), Mike Muise (I), Pete Davis (I) Jean-Marc Grenier (I).

Front row (seated):  Ronn Anderson, Mike Cousens (Scwo), LCol LeClerc (A/WCOMD), Bill Hartman, Doris Quinn (CI), Louis Richard (I).

DND Met Tech QL3 Course 9401 - 1994 without staff & instructors

Back row (l to r):  DJ Douglas, KJ Doraty, MW McKone, RR White, JY Benoit (Ben) Fournier, Rick R Valois.
Front row:  Dennis M Fenton, Keith Bailey, Andreas P Patersdorfer, Ronald K Walsh.

Course T-shirt

Jean March Grenier (I) and Dennis M Fenton show course T-shirt

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