DND Met Tech QL3 Course 9301 - 1993

scroll down for photo without staff & instructors, and one photo of certificate of merit presentation

Top row (l to r):  Sylvain Pelletier (I), Jerry Kenneth Meyers (I), Kyle Mitchell, _ Mottram, Mike Muise, _ (Dennis?) McCann, _ McGowan, Jurgen Leist, Mitch Berard,
Ron (or Ronald) Walsh, Jim Worrall (I), Mike Muise (I)
Front row (seated)Brian K Wong, Doris Quinn (CI), Bill Hartman, Col Proulx (W COMD), Mike Cousens, Ronn Anderson, Pete Davis.

DND Met Tech QL3 Course 9301 - 1993 (without staff & instructors)

Top row (l to r):  _ McGowan, Mike Muise, Jurgen Leist, Mitch Berard, _ Cayer.
Bottom row:  Ronald (Ron) Walsh, Dennis ? McCann, Kyle Mitchell, _ Mottram.

Certificate of Merit Presentation

Col Proulx presents Certificate of Merit to _ McGowan

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