DND Met Tech QL3 Course 0202 - 2002

scroll down for photo without staff & instructors, and for two presentation photos

  Top row (l to r):  Scott McLellan (I), Etienne Payer, Dennis Montemont, Luc D Lavoie, Rick Randall, Robert Carter, Andrew Williams, Patrick Fortin, Gerry Arsenault (I).
Middle row:  JY Benoit (Ben) Fournier (I), Susan Vivian (I), Mazi YY Fung, Marie-Christine Carrier, Amy Green, Andrew Conrad, Amanda Heron, Laurie Hoffman, Donna Larsen, Daniel Baulne (I).
Front row (seated)Richard (Rick) Dompierre, Kim Redekopp, Mike Turcotte, Rick Carleton.

DND Met Tech QL3 Course 0202 - 2002 without staff & instructors

Top row (l to r):  Luc D Lavoie, Rick Randall, Dennis Montemont, Robert Carter, ?
Middle row: 
Amanda Heron, Etienne Payer, Andrew Williams, Patrick Fortin, Amy Green.
front row:  Donna Larsen, Andrew Conrad, Marie-Christine Carrier, Mazi YY Fung, Laurie Hoffman.   

Presentation of Certificate of Merit

Mike Turcotte and Robert Carter

Presentation of Certificate of Achievement

Mike Turcotte and Donna Larsen

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