DND Met Tech PL6B Course 7101 - 1971

Rear row (l to r): Ray Sinclair Smith, John C Van Duyvenvoorde, Andrea Blanchard, Al Broome, Ron Hartlen, Gerry Noseworthy.
Front row: Milt Pelley, Frank Pembroke, Willie MacMillan, Keir Guindon.

Balloon Launches and Calculations

l to r (top):  Al Broome, J Clarence Chabot;  _ Tuttle, ?, Al Broome.
bottom:  Al Broome, Ray Couture.

note re the Balloon Launch collage
These were submitted by Al Broome and the top two appear to have happened during the 6B course photographed above. 
The bottom radiosonde launch likely occurred a few years earlier at Primrose Lake AB.

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