DND Met Tech PL3 6702 Course - 1967

At School of Meteorology, CFB Trenton, First All-Service Met Tech 3 Course

Top row (l to r):  _ Holmes, _ Saucier, _ Coleridge, Daryl MacDonald, _ Leggat, Gene? Drapeau, _ _ Silvestro, _ Beckberger.
Middle row:  Gord Gelineau, _ Parker, _ Christie, _ Cook, _ Bittorf, _ Pearce, Keating.
Front row:  _ Verreault, Mike? Edwards, Tony Russell, Sid Jordan, Dave Rodgers, _ Hubbard, _ Commins, _ Leger.

Missing:  John Gray.

Some members of course on parade

Photo 1   Photo 2

left to right:  Tony Russell, John Mornan, Dave Rodgers, _ Coleridge, John Gray.

Photo 2

left to right:  John Gray, Sid Jordan, Tony Russell.

note: The "Maple Leaf" style symbol seen above the sign is Canada's 1967 Centennial Logo.

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