Met Tech Forecaster / Prévisionniste 1902 - 2019

scroll down for photo in senior lab, and of gift presentation

Back rows, staggered, 14 people (l to r):  Derrick Kania (I), Daniel Gervais, Jeremy Kusyk (I), Andrew Cogswell, Joseph Cornolius, Pascale Remillard, Richard Martin, Colin Dauphinee, Ian Porterfield, Kerri Schultz, Curtis Downie, Cedric Méthot, Dinah Luzny (I), Michelle Curry (I)
Middle row (3 people, centre):  Cathy White (I), Jen Smith (I), Louis Richard (I).
Front row (seated): Chad Thompson, Rick Amey (CI), CWO JC Church, Col Orest Babij, Maj David Jones (Cmdt), Malcolm Taylor (SCWO), CWO SD Hopkin, Ian Campbell (I).

In Senior Lab

l to r (front six):
back three: 

Presentation of Gift to School


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