Met Tech Forecaster / Prévisionniste 1201 - 2012

scroll down for photos of certificate presentations and graduation

Top row:  Curtis Downie (I), Marc Boucher, Kristian A Gosbee, Cory Engerdahl.
Middle row:  Cathy White (I), Katelyn Campagna, Melany Pilon, Laurie Hoffman, Guy Caron, Catherine Downey, Blair Cornect, M Justin Shaer (I).
Front row (sitting):  Brent McDonald, Derrick Kania, Maj Lysane Martel (CMDT), Col JPL Meloche (Comd CFSTG), Ray Fonger, Chad Thompson, Brad Dennis.

Missing:   Mike Campbell (I), Louis Richard (I), Hamish Murray (I).

Certificate Presentations and Graduation

Certificate of Achievement

l to r:  Maj Lysane Martel (presenter), Katelyn Campagna, Chad Thompson.
Certificate of Merit

Col JPL Meloche, Maj Lysane Martel (presenter), Cory Engerdahl,

Graduating Course  (rows l to r)

third row (5):  Catherine Downey, Melany Pilon, Laurie Hoffman, Kristian A Gosbee, Cory Engerdahl.
second row :  Yves Cinq-Mars, Blair Cornect, Guy Caron, Kate Campagna, Marc Boucher.
first row:  LCol Hart, Graeme Black, Ken Richards, Steve Hynes, Rick Carleton.
front:  Maj Lysane Martel.
Presentation by Students to School Staff

l to r: Maj Lysane Martel, Laurie Hoffman, Katelyn Campagna, Raymond Fonger.

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