Met Ob Course 42 - July to September 1957, RCAF Trenton

scroll down for one individual course photo, signatures and unofficial crest

Top row (l to r) (three):  John R Richardson, Taylor, Houde.
Fourth row (seven):  Steele, Jim Hopey, Don Smyth, Andrews, Wickstrom (or Eddie Brown), Nels Arvidson, David Strange.
Third row (seven):  RO (Bob) Hawkins, RP (Bob) Weatherburn, Boies, Babin, Dolter, Bailey, Pias A Bohn.
Second row (six):  Pruden, Louise Meredith, Judith Tinsley (Keith-Murray), Davidson, Strathdee, Pascoe.
Front row (seven):  Sheard, Verna Little, Audrey Phaneuf (Milot), Betty Truman, Corbeil, Johansen, Edna ("Cirrus") Fryer.

Names on course include:  Ben _, Ricky _,  "Dopey" Clim?, Andrew _,  DB _

Instructors:  ER (Ed) Burford, John Mornan, Ron J Cripps.

Photo from Course

 l to r: _ Dolter, _ Sheard, Pias A Bohn

Signatures on Back of Group Photo

Met Ob Course 42 - Unofficial Crest

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