Met Ob Course 40 - Spring 1957, RCAF Trenton

Scroll down for signatures and eight photos at graduation

Back row ( l to r):  BB Klassen, Mae Hook, Jacqueline "Pixie" Lamb (Dunn), Geneva Williams, Frankie M Thibodeau, Vera A Hill, JH McLean.
Middle row:  Marilyn A Jensen (Williams), Shirley Anne Gobeil, Donalda Stewart (Davis), Edith Brown, Willy Dubé, Pat Parsons, Mary Ann Stronski, Doris Craigie, Dixie McClean, Chucky Kaybidge, Jackie Savage.
Front row: Lila Stein, Mary Denecky (Westrup), Jeanette Lealke (Lloyd), Louise Collier, Normajean Hilchey, Darlene Whitfield, Sylvia Simpson, Corinne Olsen.

missed photo:  _ English.

Signatures on Photo

Pre-Graduation Photos

CDP (Chucky) Kaybridge and Lila D Stein

l to r:  Don Ball, Geneva Williams, Lila D Stein , Mary Ann Stronski

Don Ball and Marilyn A Jensen

Corrine Olsen and Mae M Hook

Vera A Hill and Geneva Williams

l to r:  Jeanette Lealke (Lloyd), Edith Brown, Normajean Hilchey

l to r:  Mary Denecky (Westrup), Sylvia Simpson, Mary Ann Stronski

Unofficial course crest

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