Met Ob Course 36 - October to 28 November 1955, RCAF Trenton

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Top row:  VL MacBurnie, Laura Lingl, Shirley (Skimpy) Hall (Ternan), Ramona Nightingale, Mildred (Millie) Crichton, PE Terry, PM Tidy, Sheila Kill, Eileen Meredith.
Middle row:  WH Irwin, Phyllis Hunt, Bobby Stewart, Carole Diane Bishop (Kirschner), Margaret Larsh, Ruth Beach, Shirley Yungblut, André Menard.
Front row:  Pat Bowlin, Dwayne McLean, EJ Billan, Bob McIvor, JG Hector Boudreau, Bobby Thorp, Jack McPhee, Jacob Lecompte, JFR Boudreau..

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