* Graduates of M.A. Meteorology Course - 1950

Reid Allen, Gord Bassett, Bob Cake, DS Cook, Cliff Crozier, Fran Dawes (Miss), Lillian M Dunn (Miss) (became Lillian Flint), Eugene
(Gene) L Duret, Harold Ellenton, Gloria Logan (became Mrs H Ellenton), Al Evenson, Ray J Fichaud, Gord Gee, Don Gillies, C-A Giroux, Mel Hagglund, REG Hague, Donald Lawrence Holyoke, Keith Hage, Moe Kestenberg (later Kesten), Mike Kwizak, KF MacQueen, AE Marshall, Bernie Muller, RG (Bob) McMichael, Bill Whittington, Bill Wyllie.

* Most of the above list graduated from U of T.

* some Masters graduates were from McGill university, including Keith Hage, and probably some others.

(list is likely complete)

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