M.A. Meteorology Course - 1949

Top row (four people) (l to r): Clarence M Penner (instructor), Algernon (Al) M Crocker (instructor), Dr. Warren L Godson (instructor), Leonard Casciato.
Third row (four people): Norman Glenesk, Paige Knight, Herbert (Herb) Wahl, Robert (Bob) G Stark.
Second row (four people): Morley K Thomas, Roy Lee, Hugh McKay Fraser, William (Bill) EH Cooper.
Front row (two people): * Melda McCulloch, William (Bill) Clink.

* Melda McCulloch Buchanan at Work in the Moncton NB District Aviation Forecast Office, about 1950

Melda is the first Canadian woman meteorologist to complete the Masters program in meteorology.  Following the course, her first posting was to Moncton.

Photo credit: Courtesy of the Comox Archives - Melda Buchanan collection

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