Retirement Party, Downsview - May 1995

Retirees included: Rick Lee, Don Champ, Bruce Findlay, Rich Poersch .......

Fifth row (l to r - full or side faces only):  Marcello Centurione, Lynn Traves-Metcalfe Whelpdale, ?, Rick Lee // John Mills, Evonna Mathis // Ed Blake, Barry Goodison.
Fourth row:  Tom Mathews, Rich Poersch, Don Champ, Bill Burrows // S (Ziggy) Pape, Ed Millar, Nancy Cutler, Jacquie Blackburn, Albert Wright, Len Doucette.
Third row:  George Georgopoulos, Stan Woronko, Steve Clodman, Don Champ,  Anne O'Toole (hair covers face), Andy Hanssen (side view), ?  // Al Kellie, Rick Lee (back only), John Mills, Abdel Maarouf (distant), Remo Massaroni.
Second row:  Evonna Mathis, Anne O'Toole, Deedee Davies (back), Julie Young, ? // Margaret George, Kirk MacGregor, Anne O'Toole (distant), ?, Bruce Findlay, Tom Mathews // Rich Poersch, Anne O'Toole, Mary Helen Kaizer (back), Don Champ.
First row:  Anne O'Toole, David Wardle // Gary Pearson (side), Nancy Cutler, ?, Ken Daly, Angus Fergusson, Roland Mandeville (side) // Harold Neumann (side), Bill Hogg (left, background), ?, Chuck Matthias (right side),  ?, Wes Kobelka (side, beard), ?.

Note 1:  Each photo is separated by a "//"

Note 2:  This event was preceeded by several formal presentations of Long Service Awards.  Photos of those presentations are found at this link to Table 7.

(more photos to come)

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