Retired Met Techs Luncheon - Nanaimo BC, November 2012

 There are 17 photos in four collages.  Please scroll down (all rows left to right)

Top:  Mike Newman, Bob Rowson, Bud Foster // Rob Pigott, Mike Fisher.
Bottom:  Jamie MacDuff, Norm Dressler, Dave Robinson // Ron McLaren.

Top:  Dennis Engemon, Ross Fisher, Rob Pigott, Mike Fisher // Bob Stainer.
Botttom:  Dennis Engemon (left), then from window: Ron McLaren, Warren Green, Bob Rowson, Robin Lines // Mike Riley.

Top:  Dave Robinson, Mike Newman, Mike Riley, Phil Hughes // Jimmy Cissell.
Bottom:  Grant Thompson // Jamie MacDuff, Bud Foster, Barry Jones, Norm Dressler.

Top:  Carl Olsen // Will Hayward, Uwe Becker, Will Hayward (making speech).
Bottom:  Will Hayward (looking away),
Uwe Becker, Stu Wood // Ross and Mike Fisher.

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