Meteorological Training Centre Christmas Lunch / Reunion

Cornwall, Ontario - 9 December, 2016

(Transport Canada, closed in 1995 and NAV CANADA, after 1995)

Five Photos - please scroll down

Photo 1

Left side, front to back:  Kathleen Charlebois, Andrée Buchanan, Ian Buchanan, Monique Lapalme, Rai Sauvé, Daniel Morin.
Right side, front to back:  Al Russell, Mary Regan, Joe Pacholik, Bruce Angle, Lee Sauvé, Pierre Lacroix.

Photo 2

l to r:  Larry Sharron, Ken Morris, Gerry Hemmerick, Robert Perron.

More Photos of some attendees at the distant end of top photo

                 Lee Sauvé and Rai Sauvé

                 Pierre Lacroix (top left background)

Monique Lapalme

l to r:  Daniel Morin, Robert Perron, Pierre Lacroix.

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