Reunion of Staff of the Meteorological Training Centres

Cornwall, Ontario - December 14, 2012

(Transport Canada, closed in 1995 and NAV CANADA, after 1995)

Three Photos - please scroll down

Top Photo is of everyone  /  Photo 1 and Photo 2 are enlargements with IDs

Photo 1

Front to back
Keith Grant, Al Russell, Rai Sauvé, Raymond Gagnon, Jules Arbour, Ken Morris, Pierre Jean-Joseph Bélanger, Fred Aronson, Mike Hawkes, Mary Regan, Joe Pacholik.

Photo 2

Back to front:  *
Andy Watson, *Jim High, *Bernie LeBlanc, Rod McRae, Robert Daoust, Daniel Morin, Pierre LaCroix, Bruce Angle, Keith Grant.

* FSS, worked Met

Missed photo:  Gerry Flucke, Larry Sharron, Grant Thompson.

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