Meteorological Training Centre Lunch / Reunion

Nav Centre, Cornwall, Ontario - 7 September 2018

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top rows (l to r) (15 people, staggered): 
Marc Gauthier, Kathleen Charlebois, Larry Sharron, Al Russell, Bernie Leblanc, Bob Jones, Wendy Morris, Dave Tidbury, Ken Morris, Bob Charlebois, Jean-Yves Rancourt, Bruce Angle, Robert Perron, Rai Sauvé, Ian Buchanan.
middle row (behind chairs, 7 people): 
Diane Gauthier, Daniel  Morin, Jules Arbour, Pierre Pontbriand, Joe Pacholik, Cathreen Pacholik, Gerry Flucke.
front row (5 ladies seated): 
Paquerette Tremblay, Lee Sauvé, Sue Pontbriand, Andrée Buchanan, Lorraine Sharron.

missed group photo, but are seen in the Collage:  Elise Russell and Mike McAnany.

photo credits:  Bruce Angle and Diane Gauthier

Collage of Individual Photos

l to r:  Larry Sharron, Lorraine Sharron, Sue Pontbriand, Pierre Pontbriand.

l to r:  Robert Perron, Jean-Yves Rancourt, Daniel Morin

around the table, l to r:  Paquerette Tremblay, Rai Sauvé, Ken Morris, Wendy Morris, Jules Arbour, Lee Sauvé.

 l to r:  Marc Gauthier, Diane Gauthier, Ian Buchanan, Andrée Buchanan, Al Russell, Kathleen Charlebois.

Gerry Fluke, Bruce Angle

Larry Sharron, Al Russell

Sue Pontbriand and Mike McAnany

l to r:  Elise Russell, Daniel Morin, Marc Gauthier, Bob Charlebois.

Gerry Fluke

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