Ed Millar's Retirement Party, Eaton Hall, Toronto - June 1995

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l to r (top row):  Rosanna Onofrio, Lakis Boulougouris, Ed Millar, Elma Dixon, Christina Kut, Shirin Damji.
Front row:  Karen Schasmin, Linda Waithe, Louise Worthy, Wanda Carotta.

l to r:  Joe Boll, Joanne Heller, Deedee Davies, Ed Millar, Lesa Springer, Cal Carter.

l to r:  Cal Carter, Ken Hignell, Ed Millar, Bill Stewart.

l to r:  Harold Humber, Ed Millar, Cal Carter, Joanne Heller, Doug Schoular.

l to r:   Joe Boll, Nancy Cutler, Nancy Bresolin.

l to r:  Joe Boll, Ed Millar, Nancy Cutler, Nancy Bresolin (side view).

l to r:  Sheila Millar, Joe Boll, Ed Millar, Nancy Cutler, Nancy Bresolin.

l to r:  Susan Millar, Ed Millar, Sheila Millar, Nancy Bresolin, Joe Boll, Nancy Cutler.

Norma Loya and Ed Millar.

Susan Falla and Ed Millar.

Ed Millar and *Shirley MacLaine.

l to r (foreground):  Ed Millar, *Shirley MacLaine, Sheila Millar, Susan Millar.
*Note about Shirley MacLaine

The well-known actress was at Eaton Hall on the same day as Ed's Retirement Party.  She was working on a movie called Mrs. Winterbourne which was released in 1996.  Eaton Hall was set up as Mrs. Winterbourne's "New England Estate".  Not only did Shirley kindly agree to share Ed's big day by joining him and his family in the above photos, but It was later discovered that Sheila Millar's cousin, Bob Livingston (who is part of the Jazz Group "Boss Brass") appeared in the movie playing a trombone. However, this scene was not recorded at Eaton Hall on the day of Ed's Retirement Party.

Eaton Hall is part of the King Campus of Seneca College near King City, northwest of Toronto.

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