Reunion of Canadian Forces Europe (CFE) Meteorological Staff - CFB Trenton - April 1994

Page 2 - Informal Photos

This page contains photos of the plaque which was unveiled during the reunion, followed by several informal photos contributed mainly by John Merrick and Hans VanLeeuwen, attendees at the Reunion

The Plaque

Unveiling the plaque (l to r):  Col Barry Krall, Gordon McBean, Col (retd) Arnie Bauer, Gen Jeff Brace.

Informal Photos

Group from Lahr, circa 1969-1970

top standing (l to r):  Bob Jones, Dennis Massicotte, Ed Hoeppner, Anne Hoeppner, Doug Dixon, Neil Meadows.
Seated:  Joan Jones, Dean Wright, Jean Gillingham, Don Bentley, Angus Gillingham, John Anderson.

More Photos - IDs all left to right

Doug Tesch, Bev Merrick, Simone Sarty, Pat Sarty.

Pat Barrio, Freda Wojtowicz, Marv Wojtowicz, Doug Tesch.

Camillia Hawkes, Angus Gillingham (back), ?, Doug Tesch, Mike Hawkes.

Camillia Hawkes, Mike Hawkes, John Merrick, Orest Shewchuk.

John Mornan, Doug Gerrie, Tom Evans.

Abdoulaye Harou and Angus Gillingham.

Top:  Ron Hopkinson, Mike Hawkes, Jim Janzen.
Middle: Margaret Hopkinson, Camillia Hawkes, Ken Morris, ?.
Front : Nancy Cutler.
(above: Small Meteorologist Course 25 Reunion)

Hans VanLeeuwen, Doug Tesch, Nancy Cutler, Connie Ganong, Bill Ganong.

Doug Tesch, Bev Merrick (behind), Col (retd) Arnie Bauer, John Merrick, Joan Jones, Bob Jones, Bob MacKenzie.
Three in background: ?, ?, ?.

l to r:  Ted Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Bill Pugsley, Ted Hamilton, Bill Ganong.

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