Two Unknown People at First CMS Congress - 1967

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When an identification is made, we will add the name to all photos.

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The following 14 were among the presenters at the Congress and may help to identify those whose photos remain unidentified:

(* if not in bold, they have been eliminated from the unidentifieds using other information; those in bold are still possibles for the three unidentifieds)


Clifford D Holtz, Charles Warner, David Nunn, Eberhard Vowinckel, Ken L S Gunn, all from McGill
* Howard L Ferguson, MSC
* G Daniel (Dan) V Williams, Department of Agriculture
  * Wayne F J Evans, Hugh Wood, Alister Vallance Jones, all from U. of Saskatchewan
Al Reimer, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
* W R Derrick Sewell, U. of Victoria
* Rama C Murty, U. of Western Ontario


Other people who might have been there, based on old correspondence found in Archives:

Einar E Einarsson coming from Winnipeg
* John O Bursey coming from Gander
* D Storr
* WEH (Bill) Cooper - Ottawa Centre Chair in 1967 - should be there
* Ted (E) Axton - member of Ottawa Centre
FD Thompson on CMS executive - membership chair


One more attendee:  * Ted (E C) Rhodes (Technical Assistant from MSC Toronto who worked with Les B MacHattie)

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