William M. Schertzer

Past Recording Secretary


William Schertzer is a Research Scientist at the National Water Research Institute,  Canada Centre for Inland Waters and is an Adjunct Professor, College of Physical and Engineering Science, University of Guelph.

He holds an Hons. B.A from the University of Windsor (1969) and an M.Sc. specializing in Physical Climatology from McMaster University (1975) with post-graduate research in Civil Engineering. He is certified as a Professional Hydrologist (PH) by the American Institute of Hydrology.

He served on the CMOS National Executive (1988-91; 2000-03), on the CMOS Toronto Centre Executive (1991-present) and on the Council of the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences (CFCAS).  He has been Treasurer of the CMOS Congress (U. of Toronto, 1996) and also for the 3rd Intíl Conference on Popular Meteorological Education (Toronto, 1993).

His research focuses on modelling of lake heat and mass exchange, lake hydrodynamics, lake thermal responses, water quality and climate impacts with recent research on the Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX-MAGS).

He is a member of the ASCE Hydromechanics and is also a member of the Intíl Task Force for Forecasting Environmental Change at IIASA. William is widely published with more than 130 publications in peer reviewed literature and reports including 13 book chapters and 3 book editorships.

He is a member of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, the American Meteorological Society, the International Association for Great Lakes Research, the American Institute of Hydrology and the Canadian Geophysical Union.  He has recently received the CMOS Long Service Award.


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