Paul Kushner


Prof. Paul Kushner (Ph. D., Physics, University of Toronto, 1995; Prof. of Physics, University of Toronto, 2012-present) is an atmospheric and climate dynamicist who works on the atmosphere's general circulation, the dynamical response to climate change, and cold-climate processes. He leads a research group that studies these processes in climate models and collaborates with observational groups to better understand their realism and physics. He was the Principal Investigator the Canadian Sea Ice and Snow Evolution Network (CanSISE, 2013-2019), an ECCC/University research partnership studying snow, sea ice and related climate processes in the Arctic and the Western Cordillera region of Canada. He is a founding member and chair of the CMOS Special Interest Group on Atmosphere-Related Research in Canadian Universities (ARRCU), and serves as co-chair of the Northern Climate Data Working Group of the Canadian Centre for Climate Services. He first joined CMOS in 1995 and served as CMOS president 2018-2019. He has also served as co-chair (2020) of the Advisory Board of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics. He was honoured to receive the Patterson Medal of the Meteorological Service of Canada in 2019.

April 2022

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