Bob Jones

CMOS Archivist

Bob retired in 1996 from the Public Service of Canada after 35 years as a meteorologist. The first half of his career was spent forecasting weather, oceanographic and ice conditions at many locations, mostly with National Defence (DND). He then took on staff roles, first at DND Headquarters then with the MSC, finishing his PS career in the office of the Head of MSC.

Always a member of CMOS, he became more active during the latter part of his career. CMOS became his link to the meteorological and oceanographic sciences. Bob served twice as Chair of the Ottawa Centre, has filled posts on the CMOS National Executive, and has been involved in local arrangements for three CMOS Congresses held in Ottawa.

During his latter years with the Public Service, he became interested in computing, especially automating the applications needed to process the large amount of text required in headquarters' offices. During this period, Bob experienced the transition from typewriting (manual & electric) to the early generations of dedicated computer-based word processors (used almost solely by secretaries) to facsimiles and photocopying, and finally to Windows-based personal computers now on everyone's desk.

In 2005 he became involved in compiling an on-line photographic history of Canadian meteorologists and oceanographers. Finding and identifying people in these photos has resulted in a searchable database by name of nearly everyone who has worked in Canadian meteorology since about WW II.  This project continues in the newly-established CMOS on-line Archives. He helps CMOS Ottawa Centre with membership lists and meeting notices. For 17 years, he was Webmaster for CMOS and in 2014 became CMOS Archivist. He also maintains a national email list of retired meteorological people.

Bob's other interests include travel, bridge, classical music, theatre, fitness and genealogy.