2006 Prizewinners / Lauréats des prix, 2006

Awarded at the 41st CMOS Annual Congress, St. John's NL, May 30 and 31, 2007

President’s Prize / Prix du président

(two were awarded for 2006)

To: Howard Freeland for his outstanding leadership in the development of a global array of drifting Argo floats, a major advance in observational oceanography. This work is documented in his paper, co-authored with Patrick Cummins, "Argo: A new tool for environmental monitoring and assessment of the world's oceans, an example from the N. E. Pacific", published in Progress in Oceanography, 2005, vol. 64, pp. 31-44.

To: Andrew John Weaver for his pioneering work in earth system climate modeling and in particular for the article he co-authored in Atmosphere-Ocean entitled "The UVic Earth System Climate Model: Model description, climatology and application to past, present and future climates". The paper has already been cited more than 90 times.

J.P. Tully Medal in Oceanography /

Médaille de J.P. Tully en océanographie

To: Simon J. Prinsenberg for his long history of research and development advances in the Arctic and sub-Arctic oceans. In particular, his outstanding ability to conceive of new instruments required to perform unique measurements in these harsh environments has led to breakthroughs in our understanding of both oceanic and glacial processes that influence the northern environment.

Andrew Thomson Prize in Applied Meteorology /

Prix du Andrew Thomson en météorologie appliquée

To:  Amir Shabbar for his important contributions to applied meteorology in Canada, through his many papers on the seasonal variability of Canadian climate, especially the effects due to the El Niño-Southern Oscillation and the North Atlantic Oscillation, and his development of a statistical model for the seasonal prediction of Canadian climate.

Prize in Applied Oceanography /

Prix en océanographie appliquée

To: Keith Thompson, Harold Ritchie, Josko Bobanovic, Natacha Bernier, Serge Desjardins, Allan MacAfee and George Parkes for the development and implementation of a new operational storm surge model at MSC-Atlantic.  This system, recently enhanced with tidal information to form a Storm Surge and Water Level Alert System, has already demonstrated its value with timely warnings for a number of severe coastal marine events.

Rube Hornstein Medal In Operational Meteorology /

Médaille de Rube Hornstein en météorologie opérationnelle

(Until 1996: Rube Hornstein Prize in Operational Meteorology /

jusqu'à 1996, Prix de météorologie opérationnelle Rube Hornstein)

To: Owen S. Lange for his dedicated and excellent contributions to operational marine meteorology and the west coast marine community. Owen's background as a world traveled marine meteorologist combined with his extensive contacts with BC marine clients resulted in the creation of a number of important reference materials including The Wind Came All Ways (1998), CD-ROM entitled Coastal Weather for British Columbia Mariners (2000), and Living with Weather along the British Columbia Coast (2003).  Owen has also proven to be an exceptional coach and mentor for young meteorologists at the Pacific Storm Prediction Centre.

Neil J. Campbell Medal for Exceptional Volunteer Service /

La médaille Neil J Campbell pour service bénévole exceptionnel

To:  Dorothy Neale for her dedication and her meticulous editorial and administrative skill, all applied in support of so many executives and members alike during her years in the CMOS National Office, and for her role as an "ambassador" to and for the Society at the CMOS Congress booths.

Roger Daley Postdoctoral Publication Award /

Le Prix Roger Daley de publication post-doctorale

To: Jordan Tyler Dawe, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA, for his outstanding contribution to ocean dynamics and modelling by showing the importance of including ocean currents when calculating the wind momentum transfer to the ocean. His paper, co-authored with his doctoral supervisor, Luanne Thompson, entitled “Effect of ocean surface currents on wind stress, heat flux, and wind power input to the ocean” was published in the Geophysical Research Letters, 2006, Volume 33, CiteID L09604.


(two were awarded for 2006)

To: Eric William Danielson for his engaging description of Cape Breton weather, fed by his intimate knowledge of the region as depicted in his book: “Cape Breton Weather Watching”.  With a self-image as a teacher first and foremost, Bill has a wide range of scientific interests and continues to express his passion and delight in the natural world through his writing and research.

To: Caroline Qing Cheng for the improvements she made as a volunteer to the web submission module for CMOS Abstracts, which significantly reduces the organizational efforts needed for CMOS congresses.

Tertia M.C. Hughes Memorial Graduate Student Prize /

Prix commémoratif Tertia M.C. Hughes

To:  Aldona Wiacek for her outstanding Ph.D. thesis work at the University of Toronto, entitled "First Trace Gas Measurements Using Fourier Transform Infrared Solar Absorption Spectroscopy at the University of Toronto Atmospheric Observatory".  Her combination of careful experimental  work and rigorous data analysis resulted in this instrument becoming part of the international Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change, and led to the first detection of NO in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere using a ground-based infrared spectroscopy.

Graduate Student Prizes / Prix pour étudiants diplômés

(two were awarded for 2006)

To:  Jeffrey Philip Lewis for his important contributions to the improvement of physics in sea ice modelling and to surface albedo effects in deglaciation during his Ph.D. thesis work at the University of Victoria, as documented in his thesis “Snowball earth sensitivity to sea ice and surface albedo”.

To: Chris Fogarty for his pioneering work in modelling extratropical transition events in the North Atlantic, including the implementation of a vortex-insertion scheme and other innovative techniques, during his Ph.D. thesis work at Dalhousie University.  Moreover, as an avid observer, he prefers to obtain his environmental information firsthand, and his infectious enthusiasm for the task invariably influences the outcome in a positive way.

Campbell Scientific Best Student Poster Prize /

Prix Campbell Scientific de la meilleure affiche d'étudiant(e)

To:  Erin Evans from McGill University.  Her poster was "Low Accumulation Precipitation Events at Locations across the Prairies during the 1999-2005 Drought".

The CMOS - Weather Research House Scholarship Supplement /

Supplément  SCMO - Weather Research House aux bourses d'études supérieures

To:  Dmitry Vyushin for academic excellence.

The CMOS - CNC/SCOR NSERC Scholarship Supplement in Ocean Sciences /

Supplément SCMO - CNC/SCOR CRSNG aux bourses d'études supérieures en sciences océanique

To:  Jessica E. Pilarczyk for academic excellence.

The CMOS Weather Network / Météomédia Scholarship

To:  Marianne Stoesser, McMaster University, for academic excellence.

Undergraduate Scholarships / Bourses d'études de premier cycle

To:  Samantha McKay and Jenni Vanos for academic excellence.

CMOS Fellows Announced / Nouveau Membres émérites

1. The title of CMOS Fellow is conferred on Andrew John Weaver for significant leadership in the field of global climate research from the dynamics of oceanic circulation to leading the development of the University of Victoria's Earth System Climate model and for his outreach on behalf of climate research to the wider community whether it be business, media or schools.

2. The title of CMOS Fellow is conferred on R. Grant Ingram for his leadership in linking physical and biological oceanography, and his wide-ranging service and research contributions to Arctic oceanography.

3. The title of CMOS Fellow is conferred on Roland Stull for contributions to university teaching in atmospheric science at all levels and contributions to research in boundary-layer meteorology and regional scale weather forecasting in complex terrain.

4. The title of CMOS Fellow is conferred on R. Allyn Clarke for major contributions to the physical oceanography of the North Atlantic and to global climate studies through research, management and leadership at both national and international levels.

MSC Patterson Medal / SMC La medaille Patterson

(two were awarded for 2006)

On May 30th 2007, Charles Lin, Director General, Atmospheric Science and Technology Directorate, Science and Technology Branch Environment Canada, presented the Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC) Patterson Distinguished Service Medal, MSC's most prestigious award for distinguished service to meteorology in Canada, to George Boer and John Falkingham.  The medals were presented on behalf of David Grimes, Acting Assistant Deputy Minister of MSC.

George Boer has contributed to the development of the Canadian global climate model, a product widely recognized as one of the top climate models in the world and is used extensively in the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessments. His work has contributed to the stature of Environment Canada, Canada as a whole and to the international climate research community. In addition to this, George has served as a mentor to many scientists now working in both the government and academic sectors.

John Falkingham has served in several key positions at the Canadian Ice Service (CIS) over his career that has spanned decades. He is considered the father of the modern ice service, having steered it into it's transformation from paper to electronics, aircraft to satellite operations. John continues to strive at combining superlative science, the best technology and capable people to deliver excellence in ice information services to mariners, policy makers and the inquiring public. Through his leadership, the CIS has evolved, becoming acknowledged as a worldwide leader in ice forecasting.

Memo from ADM, MSC to EC Employees

DFO Timothy R. Parsons Medal / MPO La médaille Timothy R. Parsons

On May 30th 2007, Savithri Narayanan, Director General, Ocean Sciences and Canadian Hydrographic Service, representing the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), announced that the award named for Canadian ocean sciences pioneer Dr. Timothy R. Parsons would be given to Dr. Carl J. Walters for his brilliant analyses of fishery stocks and harvest management and his seminal writings about adaptive management now widely used by ecologists, other scientists and managers throughout the world.

On June 7, 2007 at the UBC Fisheries Centre in Vancouver, Dr. Wendy Watson-Wright, Assistant Deputy Minister for Science of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) presented the award named for Canadian ocean sciences pioneer Dr. Timothy R. Parsons to Dr. Carl John Walters.  Dr. Walters was selected for his career-long contributions, integrating mathematics, fisheries and ecosystem science. He uses mathematical modeling and computer simulation techniques to better understand the dynamics of exploited marine and freshwater ecosystems. Carl's citation reads "for his brilliant analyses of fishery stocks and harvest management and his seminal writings about adaptive management now widely used by ecologists, other scientists and managers throughout the world.

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