CMOS Fellows are members so designated at the time of the award and henceforth entitled to call themselves Fellows of the Society as long as membership is maintained.

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Year Announced

John Gyakum for his outstanding career dedicated to research in synoptic meteorology aimed at improving weather forecasting, for his exceptional mentoring of graduate students and for his exemplary service to the meteorological community.
Charles Thomas (Tom) McElroy for his contributions to ozone measurements and monitoring both in Canada and globally and for his contributions to the community through leadership in CMOS and in national and international organizations.

Douw G. Steyn for his outstanding contributions to our understanding of ozone pollution, especially in the Lower Fraser Valley region, for his exemplary contributions to CMOS and his extensive efforts towards improving educational and administrative programs in atmospheric science.
William W. Hsieh for his internationally recognized leadership in the application of artificial neural networks to the advancement of our understanding of meteorological, oceanographic and climate variability.    2010
Ronald E. Stewart for his long-standing service to the meteorological community in teaching and research and for his outstanding organizational and scientific leadership at both national and international levels.   2010
Richard Marsden for his exceptional contributions to the Society, ocean research, and training of the next generation of applied Canadian oceanographers.   2009
Claude Labine for his generous and enthusiastic support of CMOS from programs in the local Alberta Centre to corporate and other sponsorships such as the best student poster paper. For over three decades of dedication to Arctic climate research demonstrated by his unwavering pursuit of better monitoring programs and environmental measurements.   2008
Savithri Narayanan for her outstanding leadership in Canadian and international ocean science programs, and for her long-standing support to the programs of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) and the Canadian National Committee for the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (CNC/SCOR).    2008
Andrew John Weaver for significant leadership in the field of global climate research from the dynamics of oceanic circulation to leading the development of the University of Victoria's Earth System Climate model and for his outreach on behalf of climate research to the wider community whether it be business, media or schools.    2007
R. Grant Ingram * for his leadership in linking physical and biological oceanography, and his wide-ranging service and research contributions to Arctic oceanography.    2007
Roland Stull for contributions to university teaching in atmospheric science at all levels and contributions to research in boundary-layer meteorology and regional scale weather forecasting in complex terrain.    2007
R. Allyn Clarke for major contributions to the physical oceanography of the North Atlantic and to global climate studies through research, management and leadership at both national and international levels.    2007
Geoff Strong for his exceptional long-term service and support to the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society. His commitment to CMOS is evidenced by the number of positions which he has held and the number of volunteer hours which he has dedicated to the Society.   2006
Michel Béland for his outstanding long-term contributions to atmospheric sciences, particularly as an administrator. With his exceptional leadership and drive, throughout his career Dr. Béland has catalyzed major national and international initiatives that have a strong influence on the advancement of our sciences.   2006
Theodore (Ted) Shepherd for his outstanding personal research in atmospheric dynamics, his leadership of collaborative middle atmosphere research and modelling programs in Canada, his mentoring of students and his leading contributions to the World Climate Research Program and its core project on Stratospheric Processes and their Role in Climate (SPARC). pour sa recherche personnelle exceptionnelle sur la dynamique de l’atmosphère, son leadership dans la recherche concertée sur l’atmosphère moyenne et les programmes de modélisation au Canada, pour son encadrement des étudiants et ses importantes contributions au Programme mondial de recherche climatique et son projet principal sur les Processus stratosphériques et leur rôle dans le climat. 2005
James P. Bruce for his long-standing research in hydrometeorology, climatology, and contributions to Canadian and international meteorological science and service. pour sa recherche de longue date sur l’hydrométéorologie, la climatologie et pour ses contributions à la science et au service météorologique international et canadien. 2004
Susan K. Woodbury for her dedication, commitment and contribution to the development of the private meteorological and oceanographic sector in Canada, and her dedicated services to CMOS over many years. pour son dévouement, son engagement et sa contribution au développement du secteur météorologique et océanographique privé du Canada et pour les services consacrés à la SCMO au cours de nombreuses années. 2004
George J. Boer for his long-standing contributions and international reputation in climate research and pioneer work in Canadian global modelling. pour ses contributions de longue date, sa réputation internationale dans le domaine de la recherche climatique et son travail de précurseur dans la modélisation globale canadienne. 2004
Charles A. Lin for his long-standing service to the meteorological community in teaching, research, editing and serving on and with many scientific organizations in Canada and abroad. pour son service de longue date à la communauté météorologique en enseignement, en recherche, en rédaction et en travaillant en tant que membre ou non de nombreuses organisations scientifiques au Canada et à l’étranger. 2004
John Maybank * for his lifelong contributions to agricultural and physical meteorology and for his outstanding organizational and scientific leadership in the founding and organization of the Society. pour ses contributions de toute une vie à l’agrométéorologie et à la météorologie physique, de même que pour son leadership scientifique et organisationnel exceptionnel durant la fondation et l’organisation de la Société. 2003
Nancy Cutler for her outstanding contributions to Canadian and global meteorology, for her strong advocacy for women in science, and for her extensive and sustained contributions to the Society. pour ses contributions exceptionnelles à la météorologie canadienne et mondiale, pour sa défense énergique de la situation de la femme en science et pour ses contributions importantes et soutenues à la Société. 2003
Timothy R. Oke for his outstanding contributions to urban climatology and meteorology, and for his longstanding contributions to Canadian meteorology and the Society.  pour ses contributions exceptionnelles à la climatologie et à la météorologie urbaine, de même que pour ses contributions de longue date à la météorologie canadienne et à la Société. 2003
Morley K. Thomas for being a mentor to several generations of Canadian climatologists, through teaching, supervision, example and publications of the highest professional quality, and for his writings on the history of Canadian meteorology. pour avoir encadré plusieurs générations de climatologues canadiens grâce à son enseignement, sa supervision, son exemple et ses publications de la plus haute qualité professionnelle et pour ses ouvrages sur l’histoire de la météorologie canadienne. 2002
R. Ambury Stuart for innovative research and software development in the field of climate data analysis and applications including climate change impact studies and for leadership to the meteorological private sector in Canada. pour sa recherche innovatrice et le développement de logiciel dans le domaine de l’analyse et de l’application des données climatiques, incluant des études d’impact du changement climatique sur l’environnement, et pour son leadership au sein du secteur météorologique privé du Canada. 2001
Isztar Zawadski for outstanding research contributions and the development of practical applications in the field of precipitation physics and radar meteorology, ranging from the microphysics of raindrop formation to the use of radar measurements in numerical weather prediction models. pour ses contributions exceptionnelles à la recherche et le développement des applications pratiques dans le domaine de la physique des précipitations et de la météorologie radar, allant de la microphysique de la formation de gouttes de pluie à l’utilisation des mesures radar dans les modèles de prévision météorologique numériques. 2001
R.E. (Ted) Munn *
for major contributions to environmental and atmospheric science, particularly as editor and founder of the journal "Boundary Layer Meteorology". pour ses contributions importantes aux sciences de l'environnement et de l'atmosphère et, en particulier, comme fondateur et éditeur du journal "Boundary  Layer Meteorology". 2000
Gordon A. McBean for providing dynamic leadership to the science of climate and climate change, and to meteorology as a whole, at the national and international levels. pour son leadership dynamique en sciences du climat et du changement du climat et en météorologie, aux échelons national et international. 2000
Paul H. LeBlond for important contributions to the science and teaching of oceanography and for co-authoring the book "Waves in the Ocean". pour ses contributions importantes à la science et à l'enseignement de l'océanographie et pour son livre (co-auteur) "Waves in the Ocean". 2000
Jacques F. Derome for making major contributions to atmospheric dynamics research and the energetics of low frequency atmospheric systems. pour ses contributions importantes à la recherche sur la dynamique de l'atmosphère et l'énergétique des systèmes atmosphériques de basse fréquence. 2000
Peter Taylor for services to meteorology in Canada as researcher and educator and internationally as editor and facilitator. pour services à la météorologie au Canada en tant que chercheur, éducateur, et en tant que facilitateur et éditeur à l'échelon international. 1999
David Phillips for outstanding service in communicating and interpreting weather and climate information to Canadians through the electronic and print media. pour services exceptionnels relatifs à la communication et à l'interprétation de la météo et du climat aux canadiens dans la presse écrite et les médias électroniques. 1999
Lawrence Mysak for contributions to our knowledge of the oceans, sea ice and climate as researcher, teacher and supervisor, and for leadership in the Canadian science community. pour ses contributions à la connaissance des océans, de la glace de mer et du climat en tant que chercheur et professeur, et pour son leadership au sein de la communauté scientifique canadienne. 1999
Philip Merilees for research leadership in the atmospheric sciences and the contributions to advancing numerical weather prediction. pour son leadership en sciences atmosphériques et ses contributions à l'avancement de la prévision numérique du temps. 1999

* = Deceased / décédé

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