Results of Sixth CMOS Photo Contest - 2013

And the Winners are ...

First prize, $100, a clear winner with 55 points, is Lightning at Sunset, Kelowna BC, taken by Gabor Fricska on August 10 2011. 

Second prize, $75, with 33 points, also by Gabor Fricska, is titled Rime on Grass, taken in the Okanagan Valley on February 8, 2012. 

Third prize, $50, with 30 points, taken by Joe Schaefer, is titled A Weatherman's Holiday, New Smyrna Beach Florida. 
It was taken on June 18, 2011 and was followed 15 minutes later by a tornado at nearby Cocoa Beach FL.

The first prize for this year's photo contest was donated by Lou Ranahan, a CMOS Ottawa Centre member. Lou has developed his web site which serves as a portal for meteorology web sites around the world, and you are invited to visit.

24 photos we submitted to this year's contest. Photos were displayed during the Saskatoon Congress and on the web site.

Voting was open from May 21 to June 21, 2013. 37 electronic ballots and 21 paper ballots were cast.

As for other years, a point system was used to determine the winning photos: three points for first choice; two points for second choice; and one point for third choice.

Qing Liao helped with the vote counting and tabulation.

About the Winning Photographers

Gabor Fricska is a meteorologist based in Kelowna BC.  This was his first time entering our photo contest, and he duplicated the feat achieved by Patrick McCarthy in the last contest by winning the first two prizes.  This is a clear indication that his photographic expertise truly appeals to CMOS members.

Joe Schaefer is a long-time member of CMOS who resides in the USA. He is retired as Director of the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma.  He too was a first-time entrant and in fact submitted only one photo which won third prize.

Contributing Photographers

In addition to Gabor Fricska and Joe Schaefer who won the prizes, we wish to thank the following photographers for their excellent photos which were widely seen and appreciated during the contest period:  André Bolduc, Frédéric Fabry, Wolf Read, Jeffery Smith and Richard Verret.

Next Contest

Keep your cameras at the ready. Plans are under way for the 7th Annual Photo Contest to celebrate the artistic and creative talents of CMOS members.  One entry for the upcoming contest (which missed the 2013 deadline) has already been received.

Bob Jones,
CMOS Webmaster
July 2013

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