Results of Fifth CMOS Photo Contest - 2011

And the Winners are ...

First prize, a clear winner with 66 points, is Storm over Canola, taken by Patrick McCarthy near Carlyle SK in July 2008. As can be seen, the winning photo combines the beauty of a popular Prairie grain about to be watered by a convective summer storm.

Second prize, with 53 points, also by Patrick McCarthy, is Face to Face with Mother Nature, taken near Bowman ND in July 2009. Like his winning storm photo, this one also depicts a serious approaching storm which may contain a tornado, to the delight of the eager storm chasers in the foreground. We hope they all left the scene without incident.

Third prize, with 25 points, taken by Richard Verret, was originally titled Frost but we renamed it to Frost on Flower for the contest. Frost was taken in November 2010 in Laval QC.

The prizes for this year's photo contest were donated by Lou Ranahan, a CMOS Ottawa Centre member. Lou has developed his web site which serves as a portal for meteorology web sites around the world, and you are invited to visit.

Prompted by participants to earlier photo contests, 11 members submitted 28 photos. Photos were displayed during the Victoria Congress and on the web site. Voting was open from 25 May to 25 June. 43 electronic ballots and 10 paper ballots were submitted.

As for other years, a point system was used to determine the winning photos. Three points for first choice; two points for second choice and one point for third choice.

Qing Liao helped with the vote counting and tabulation.

About the Winning Photographers

Both Patrick and Richard have entered the contests several times in the past. Prior to assuming his current position as Chief of the Prairie and Arctic Storm Prediction Centre, Patrick McCarthy was a severe weather meteorologist in Winnipeg. He has also been a member of a Canada/USA storm chasing group, where he captured many amazing photos such as his winners in this contest. Patrick won in 2007 for Sunset Shower but this is Richard's first win. Richard Verret works at the Canadian Meteorological Centre in Montreal. He has wide expertise in meteorological forecasting and verification models, and has presented his findings many times at recent CMOS Congresses.

Contributing Photographers

In addition to Patrick McCarthy and Richard Verret who won the prizes, we wish to thank the following photographers for their excellent photos which were widely seen and appreciated during the contest period. They are: Paul-André Bolduc, Frederic Fabry, Jacob Kollegger, Stephen Mayne, Xin Qiu, Sergiy Savelyev, Garry Schaefer and David Sills.

Next Contest

Keep your cameras at the ready. Plans are under way for the 6th Annual Photo Contest to celebrate the artistic and creative talents of CMOS members.

Bob Jones,
CMOS Webmaster
July / August 2011

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