Results of Fourth Annual CMOS Photo Contest - 2010

And the Winners are ...

1st Prize ($100): Umbrella Graveyard by Frédéric Fabry

2nd Prize ($50): Mont Brome, Quebec, by Frédéric Fabry 

3rd Prize ($25): Little Storm on the Prairie by David Sills

Prompted by participants to earlier photo contests, 12 members submitted 30 photos. Photos were displayed during the Ottawa Congress and on the web site. Voting was open from 15 May to 15 June. 26 electronic ballots and 12 paper ballots were submitted.

As usual, there were non-member participants in the contest, both as entrants and voters. These were discarded, although for the first time this year the seven non-members who entered were given the opportunity to join CMOS by the close of voting. Two accepted that offer and their photos were entered.

A point system as for other years was used to determine the winning photos. Three points for first choice; two points for second choice and one point for third choice.

Dorothy Neale helped with the vote counting and tabulation.


First prize, a clear winner with 37 points, is Umbrella Graveyard, taken by Frédéric Fabry at the corner of Rene-Levesque and Drummond in Montreal on 16 May 2007. As can be seen, it was a very windy and rainy day.

Second prize, with 29 points, also by Frédéric Fabry, was retitled Mont Brome, Quebec for the contest. Frederic’s original title was Not Vancouver in 2010. The photo was taken at night on 25 February 2010 from the top of Mont Brome, about 100 km east of Montreal, after a heavy snow storm. We felt the Vancouver title, while appropriate for the time of the Olympics, may have been misleading as to the location of the photo.

Third prize, with 25 points, taken by David Sills on 18 July 2008 near Alsask Saskatchewan, was titled Little Storm on the Prairie. This was an excellent photo depicting cumulonimbus,virga, precipitation and rainbow against a perfect prairie background. David’s clever naming of the photo may also have appealed to the voters.

About the Photographers

Frédéric Fabry is the Director, Radar Observatory and Associate Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences & School of Environment at McGillUniversityMontreal.  Frédéric is a first-time entrant to the CMOS Photo Contest, and to win two prizes at once is a special achievement.

David Sills is a severe weather scientist, Cloud Physics and Severe Weather Research Section, National Laboratory for Nowcasting and Remote Sensing Meteorology, Environment Canada, Toronto. David, is an avid photographer and has had winning photos in previous photo contests. He clearly has not lost his touch as he also took the honourable mention position of fourth place with 21 points for his 13 July 2008 photo of a shelf cloud near Carstairs Alberta.

Contributing Photographers

In addition to Frédéric Fabry and David Sills who won the prizes, we wish to thank the following photographers for their excellent photos which were widely seen and appreciated during the contest period. They are: Chris Fogarty, Andrew Giles, John Hanesiak, Jason Noble, Peter Taylor, Yvonnick Le Clainche, Geoff Strong, Neil Taylor, Richard Verret and Tim Ashman.

Next Contest

Keep your cameras at the ready. Plans are under way for the 5th Annual Photo Contest to celebrate the artistic and creative talents of CMOS members.

Bob Jones, CMOS Webmaster
July / August 2010

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