Results of Third Annual CMOS Photo Contest - 2008

And the prizes go to . . .

First place ($100) – Dave Sills, “Supercell Panorama”

Second place ($50) – John Hanesiak, “Awesome Lightning”

Third place ($25) – Geoff Strong, “Advection Fog, Icebergs and Sea Gulls”

First place winner, David Sills, is a severe weather scientist with Environment Canada in Toronto.  He has a life-long interest in storms and weather and enjoys creative photography.  He has been photographing storms with an artistic eye in parts of Canada, the United States and even Australia over the past two decades.  David also won first place in last year’s photo contest.

Supercell Panorama was taken on July 18, 2007, at 5:07 pm near Chatham, ON.
It was created using three separate photographs stitched together.

Second place winner, John Hanesiak is currently Associate Professor, Centre for Earth Observation Science, Department of Environment and Geography, University of Manitoba.  He teaches meteorology there and takes his classes on stormchasing field trips. In the summer of 2007, in central Alberta while on such a trip, he was able to photograph spectacular lightning near Red Deer, AB.

Awesome Lightning was taken on July 19, 2007 north west of Red Deer in the agricultural region looking west.

Advection Fog,

Icebergs and Sea Gulls Third place winner, Geoff Strong is well known to CMOS. Following retirement from Environment Canada in 1998, Geoff returned to Alberta to resume free-lance research on thunderstorms, atmospheric moisture, drought, and climatic cycles.  Other endeavours include teaching university courses in meteorology and physical geography in Edmonton and supervising graduate student research at the University of Alberta where he is an adjunct professor.  He was President of CMOS in 2006.

Advection Fog, Icebergs and Sea Gulls was taken at 1 pm on June 9, 2007 from Signal Hill, St. John’s NL
while Geoff was visiting St. John’s following the 2007 CMOS Congress.

About the Contest

Entrants to our third photo contest included nine very talented photographers who submitted twenty-six pictures. Thanks are extended to Edwin Campos, Maxime Courteau, John Hanesiak, Stephen Hatt, Pat McCarthy, David Sills, Geoff Strong, Richard Verret and Chris Wielki for their delightful submissions.  For this year’s contest, voting took place both on-line and at the CMOS booth at the Kelowna Congress from May 26-29.  On line voting was available for a month between mid-May and mid-June.  Photos were displayed on the CMOS web site and 5 x 7 size prints were also available at the booth.  Ballots were provided in both French and English. Voting was anonymous, that is, people voted for the picture without knowing the photographer’s name.

Many thanks go to those people who assisted with this year’s contest.   In particular, Richard Asselin who actively encouraged people to sit down and vote at the booth and Uri Schwarz who helped count and verify the ballots.  Keep your camera at the ready. Plans are under way for the 4th Annual Photo Contest to celebrate the artistic and creative talents of CMOS members.

Bob Jones, CMOS Webmaster
August 2008

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