CMOS Ottawa Centre Executive Meeting
December 15, 2011
In attendance: Richard Asselin, Yvon Bernier, Denis Bourque, Sheila Bourque, Bob Jones, Paul Pestieau, Wayne Richardson Absent: Ann McMillan, Marty Taillefer, Leah Braithwaite

1.    The agenda was adopted. A discussion on "Doodle" was added.

2.    Review of previous actions

Actions from the meeting of October 20 were reported as completed or under way.

3.    Finding speakers for remaining dates

Paul Beckwith was confirmed as the speaker for January 19 - "Climate changes: past and future" (contact Bob Jones)      Mark Rosenberg will speak on February 16 - topic Health and Climate Affecting First Nations Housing (contact Dawn Conway)

Savi Narayanan will speak on March 22, topic International Ocean Affairs (contact Ann McMillan)

The CMOS Tour Speaker, not yet confirmed, will need to speak at either the April or May dates. Action: Richard Asselin will investigate timing for the Tour Speaker and advise as soon as possible.

4.    Public event planning

Denis Bourque's second draft of the invitation letter was approved. Action: Paul Pestieau will send the letter, without disclosing the entire list of addressees (in the address or as cc.)

5.    Matching Funds for Science Fairs

The request letter was approved. Action: Paul to send to the National Office.

6.    Doodle

It was agreed by all that the "Doodle" system to determine numbers of meeting attendees worked well and will be continued. Action: Bob Jones will look into improved ways for people to be added to the email meeting announcement list. A generic email address for the Ottawa Centre will be investigated.

7.    Financial report

Yvon mentioned that Marty Taillefer had been added as signatory for cheques.

8.    25-year Pins

Bruce Ramsay, Wayne Richardson, Myron Oleskiw, Anne O'Toole and Les Welsh will receive their pins today.

9.    Other business

a) Ian Sharpe, our new student representative attended the talk but did not arrive in time for the executive meeting. He is willing to take on the position. Action: Following approval of these minutes, Bob Jones will formally add Ian to the executive, by advising the Corresponding secretary and updating web and distribution lists.

b) The sign we used at the Curling Club was missed by some. Action: Bob Jones will retrieve the text and reprint and place on some backing.

c) Sheila suggested, and all agreed, that Executive meetings should begin at 10:45 am instead of 11:00 am.

10.    Next Meeting

Scheduled for 10:45 am Thursday January 19, 2012.

**NOTE: copies of the two letters mentioned in items 4 and 5 will be added to the final Minutes.

15 December 2011/rlj