Institute of Oceanography, UBC 1974

Left Side of Photo with IDs   Right Side of Photo with IDs

Original Annotated Photo Below

Left Side of Photo with IDs

Top row (l to r): Ed Mayer, Steve Pond, Joe Buckley, Dave Stone, Grant Gardner, Dave Pease.
Fourth row: Al Lewis, Rusty Moody, Phil Chang, Jay Shim.
Third row: Lawrence Mysak, Jim Helbig, Dave Fissell, Bill Large.
Second Row: Mike Miyake, Dave English, Laurent Bilodeau, Mike Stephens, Rolf Lueck.
Front row: Arjoone Ramnarine, Ruth Thomas, George Pickard, Bill Crawford, Dave Lemon.  

Right Side of Photo with IDs

Back (Top) row (l to r): Geoff Samuels, R Olafson, Gill Hughes, Barrie Walker, Ron Wiegland, Paul Falkowski, Bob Scagel.
Third row: Ron Johnson, Laurie Davidson, Bill Buckingham, Murray Storm, Blythe Chang, Paul LeBlond, Pat Crean.
Second row: Carole Bawden, Dave Green, Colin ?, Albert Fuller, Marion Slater, (unknown dog), Tim Parsons.
Front row: Max Taylor, Chad Thorpe, Liana Sportsman, Aileen Arnold, Julie Oliveira.

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