Canadian Integrated Ocean Observation System (CIOOS) Team - Workshop, October 2017

Back rows (17 staggered, l to r):  Doug Wallace (MEOPAR), Dwight Owens (ONC), Craig Bulger (MI), Richard Kelly (MI), Claude Tremblay (SLGO), Richard Dewey (ONC), Reyna Jenkins (ONC), Andrew Sherin (COINAtlantic), Benoit Pirenne (ONC), Fred Whoriskey (OTN), Karen Donaldson (DFO), Jess Hurtubise (OTN), Richard Davis (Dalhousie), Mathieu Ouellet (DFO), Germain Sauvé (SLGO), Brad Covey (Dalhousie), Mike Smit (Dalhousie).
Front row (14, staggered):  Alexa Reedman (MEOPAR), Kes Morton (Pisces Greens & Consulting), Anne-Sophie Ste-Marie (SLGO), Cristina Tollefsen (DRDC), Adrienne Colbourne (Dalhousie), Ariane Ploudre (UQAR), Jessica Snowden (US IOOS), Marissa Ramey (CHS), Lenore Bajona (OTN), Laura Medeiros (ECCC), Shayla Fitzsimmons (Dalhousie), Andrew Stewart (DFO), Scott Bruce (MI), Keith Lennon (DFO).

Help with Rows and Acronyms

MEOPAR - Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network
ONC - Ocean Networks Canada
MI - Marine Institute
SLGO - St. Lawrence Global Observatory
COINAtlantic - The Coastal and Ocean Information Network Atlantic
OTN - Ocean Tracking Network
DRDC - Defence Research and Development Canada
UQAR - Université du Québec à Rimouski
CHS - Canadian Hydrographic Service
ECCC - Environment & Climate Change Canada
DFO - Fisheries & Oceans Canada

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