Ninth Session of the WMO Bureau Meets at Toronto and Montreal - 31 January / 2 February 1984

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l to r (back): J P Bruce - Canada,  Dr. J. W. Zillman - Australia, Dr. R. E. Hallgren - USA.
l to r (backs to camera):  Zou Jingmeng - People's Republic of China, Dr. RL Kintanar - Philippines  (President, WMO), Dr. GOP Obasi - Nigeria  (Secretary-General, WMO).

WMO Bureau Visits CMC Montreal to Inaugurate CRAY Computer  - 1 February 1984

l to r (above and below):  Dr. RE Hallgren - USA, Dr. JW Zillman - Australia (standing), Zou Jingmeng - People's Republic of China (sitting, below Dr. Zillman), Dr. GOP Obasi - Nigeria  (Secretary-General, WMO), Dr. RL Kintanar - Philippines  (President, WMO);  Charles Caccia (Minister of the Environment), JP Bruce - Canada, W Degefu - Ethiopia,  CA Grezzi - Uruguay.
background (top photo only):  Ian Rutherford, Don K Smith.

(above photos published in Employee Magazine Zephyr, Issue May- June 1984)

l to r:  John Zillman (Australia), Jim Bruce, Yuri Israel (USSR), ? (computer operator), RE (Dick) Hallgren (USA), Roman L Kintanar (Philippines).

(photo credit: Jim Bruce)

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