Met Ob Course 39 - July 1956, RCAF Trenton

(scroll down for second photo of some graduates with Dave Parkinson)

top row (l to r):  Perret, Soghigian, Ed (Clarence) Inkpen, Claude Coté, Schultz.
third row: 
Duchaine, Higgins, Crabbe, Allen, EV Yorke, Proulx, Don Murray, Gary Garner.
second row:  Thérèse Paradis, Canning, E Grace Weiss, Carroll, Train, Beaudet.
front row:  Gord Sloan, Kinch, Lemire, Picard, Morin, Reilly, Marlene Achilles (Ward), Suzette Sénécal, Ron Smith.

missed photo:  D'aoust (or Daoust)

?, ?, Suzette Sénécal, Dave Parkinson, Thérèse Paradis, _ Beaudet, Gord Sloan.

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