Meteorologist Operational Course (MOC) 4 Course - 1983

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Back Row (left to right):  Rob K Cross (I), Tom Nichols (I), Simon Romano, Gerry Broszkowski, Paul Ford, Jamie Archibald, Hamish Murray,
Jean Charest, Stephen Macpherson, Roop Lalbeharry, Dejan Ristic (I), Jim Alexander (I).

Front row:  Mireille LeBlanc (I), Tyrone Sutherland, Ela (Elzbieta) Ros, Louis Richard, Lise Couturier (Hoogkamp), Barry Julien, Wendy Arnovitz (Benjamin), Bruce Brasnett, Peter Chen (I).

(MOC) 4 Course Classroom Photo - 1983

 Top two rows (left to right):  Jan Tissot van Patot (I), Rob K Cross (I), Paul Ford, Wendy Arnovitz (Benjamin), Hamish Murray, Ken Macdonald (I), Jean Charest, Jim Alexander (I), Dejan Ristic (I), Jamie Archibald.
2nd row:  Ela (Elzbieta) Ros, Stephen Macpherson, Mireille Leblanc (I), Peter Chen (I), Barry Julien, Lise Couturier.
Front row: Tyrone Sutherland, Tom Nichols (I), Dave Etkin (I), ?, Louis Richard.

(I) Instructor

photo taken on the occasion of "Bad Tie Day"

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