Meteorologist Operational Course (MOC) 12 - 1991

Top rows, all standing (l to r):  Grant _, Steve Knott (I), Mel Prout (I), Alister Ling  (I), Phil Wright, Johnny Lade, Clay Nickerson, Mark Grandmaison, Brian Tugwood,
Po Kwan, Martin van Olst, Wade Szilagyi, Gregg Walters, Tony Simmers, Trevor Smith, Debbie Smith (admin), Jim Goosen, Graeme Black, Roland Mandeville (I), Garry Pearson (I), Paul Ford (I).

Front row, sitting:  Doug Holdham (I), Ming Szeto, Jack Dunnigan, Willi Purcell, Andy Yun, Christine Best, Craig MacLaren, Jamie McLean, Anne-Marie (Henry) Palfreeman (I).

(I) - Instructor

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