Introductory Course in Meteorology Number 5 - June 7 to Sept 25, 1950

See: Some signatures on back of photo

top row (l to r):  ?, ?.
third row:  R Al Parry, Frank L Cushing, Ed S Hopkins, Herman Gerger, JJ (John) Gillis, RS (Bob) McMaster, ?.
second row:  ?, Steve Nikleva, Frank G Williams, George A Lucy, ?, Roy J Woodrow, Norm T Taylor.
front row (sitting):  Laurie L Primeau, Thomas F Gigliotti, Al M Crocker (I), Clarence M Penner (I), Warren L Godson (I), John (Jack) Evans, ?.

Still to be placed: 
John Archibald, LJ Bart, DA Brewer, JH Hassett, HS Hicklin, AE Tigchelaar.

Some Signatures on back (photo contributed by Laurie Primeau's family)

Original list of names on course:

John Archibald, LJ Bart, DA Brewer, Frank L Cushing, John (Jack) Evans, Herman Gerger, Thomas F Gigliotti, JJ Gillis, JH Hassett, HS Hicklin, Ed S Hopkins, George A Lucy, RS (Bob) McMaster, Steve Nikleva, R Al Parry, Laurie L Primeau, Norm T Taylor, AE Tigchelaar, Frank G Williams, Roy J Woodrow.

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